Version 3.0 (20.04.2018)

  • Pro account release.

Version 2.6 (20.04.2018)

  • The ability to import transactions from csv was added.
  • The buying rate column was added in the transaction table.
  • The Profit column was added in the transaction table.
  • The list of exchanges on the dashboard is sorted by descending the amount of money.
  • Binance was added for transactions import.
  • Release new version of Android app.
  • Bugs were fixed.

Version 2.5.1 (19.02.2018)

  • Have implemented a more visible formatting of numbers
  • Have fixed bugs in the work and caching of graphs
  • Have released a new version of the Android application
  • Fixed many bugs

Version 2.5 (30.01.2018)

  • Now the search for currencies in the database will be carried out by ID, so it will be possible to take into account different currencies with the same symbols
  • Users will now be authorized immediately after registration (automatically)
  • Fixed errors in the calculation algorithm for ROI
  • Exchange page was completely redesigned
  • Currency page was completely redeveloped
  • Have made two-level caching schedules
  • A second chart was added, now the chart displays the portfolio estimate in USD and BTC
  • Gradually move on to the new API for receiving quotations
  • Fixed many bugs

Version 2.4.1 (13.01.2018)

  • Extended the capabilities of the admin panel
  • Reconfigured the Web server to increase security
  • Optimized the database, reconfigured indexes
  • Fixed vulnerabilities found by bounty-program
  • Have received a history of exchange rates with a grouping by exchanges

Version 2.4 (06.01.2018)

  • We made changes in script of receiving the current prices
  • Made amendments to the algorithm of profitability on time intervals (day, week, month)
  • Fixed problems with loading the charts
  • Added FNT token as currency and its current and historical rates to the database
  • Added the ability to top-up the balance with FNT tokens
  • Added the possibility of paying for services with tokens (for example, notifications)
  • Configured automatic recalculation of the portfolio every two hours
  • Added the link to the relevant exchange to the exchange page
  • Installed CAPTCHA on the password recovery form
  • In the test mode, added the ability to synchronize transactions with Bittrex by API
  • Fixed many bugs

Version 2.3.2 (05.12.2017)

  • Made a system for tracking prices on exchanges and notifications by email and in Telegram

Version 2.3.1 (25.11.2017)

  • Set up sending letters from the system via a third-party service
  • Added the accounting of ICO transactions in all calculation algorithms
  • Have refactored the code and fixed many bugs
  • Added the menu item "Update calculations"
  • Added the ability to give access to the portfolio by login and password

Version 2.2 (11.11.2017)

  • Fixed problems with the subdomain and set up mail sending
  • Only the last 20 transactions are now displayed in the list, to load the next 20 transactions, click the "Show more"
  • Added the ability to delete the public link for the shared portfolio (make it back private)
  • Small changes in the API for mobile applications
  • Added the ability to change and delete transactions from a mobile application
  • We reworked the algorithm for calculating the profitability of the portfolio by time intervals
  • The chart on the dashboard in the mobile application is now loaded in the background, which accelerates start-up
  • Fixed bugs related to sharing a portfolio by a public link
  • Made changes related to registration, now you might not specify email when registering

Version 2.1 (04.11.17)

  • Developed a new algorithm for calculating the profitability for currency
  • Developed a new algorithm for calculating the ROI
  • Added the ability to synchronize transactions with Bitfinex by API
  • Added the ability to synchronize transactions using Poloniex by API
  • Added the possibility to share the portfolio by a guest link
  • Added the ability to authorize with multiple browsers simultaneously
  • Added a confirmation request, before deleting the portfolio
  • After the first authorization, the user will immediately be forwarded to the page of adding transactions
  • Modified and fixed bugs in the API for mobile applications
  • Redesigned caching system
  • Accelerated loading the chart
  • Improved design and layout

Version 2.0 (08.10.17)

  • The application is on the PlayMarket.
  • Made a new design of the service
  • Built a smart contract.
  • Fixed many bugs

Version 1.2.1 (26.08.17)

  • Developed custom currencies and exchanges, which are not visible for the other users.
  • Made an English version of the changelog and calendar page
  • For fiat currencies, in the summary table for currencies, the amount is rounded to two decimal places
  • Changes are now highlighted in red or green, depending on the yield (negative or positive)
  • Made changes to the algorithm for calculating the Change column (in the summary table grouped by currency)
  • Implemented a new algorithm in the summary table of portfolio profitability
  • Made many small changes in design

Version 1.1.2 (16.08.17)

  • Privacy policy added.
  • When exchanging and transferring funds, the currency symbol is now indicated in the hint that shows the balance of the currency on the exchange.
  • The algorithm used for calculating the profitability by currencies was fully upgraded.
  • Currency switch for portfolios added - now the service calculates profitability by the chosen currency (USD and BTC options are available currently).
  • Data sending for the "Assets" page added to API, as well as sending the list of user portfolios (API for mobile applications).
  • The English version of the service was proofread.
  • The "Available 0" message is no more displayed in the currency input field when viewing the transaction adding form. This message is displayed only after a user enters the values.
  • Now users do not see the names of currencies and exchanges added by other users (in the list of suggestions when entering an exchange or currency name).
  • The comment column removed in the transaction list.
  • Added the ability to copy portfolios along with all transactions.
  • Added the ability to sort all tables on the dashboard.

Version 1.1.1 (11.08.17)

  • English version of the service added.

Version 1.1.0 (10.08.17)

  • The transaction adding form updated.
  • The "Commission" column removed from the transaction list and transfered to the tooltip (to the left of the transaction editing button).
  • The problem with the validation of the transaction editing form fixed.
  • User authorization and registration added to API (for mobile applications).
  • Service localization started.

Version 1.0.0 (03.08.17)

  • The portfolio profitability is shown as a percentage.
  • When adding a currency, you can choose the total cost of the operation, as well as specify the coin exchange rate at the time of purchase.
  • Adding comments to the transactions enabled. Comments rendered in the form of tooltips.
  • Possibility to keep several cryptocurrency portfolios added.
  • Remaking and simplifying the functionality of adding currencies.
  • Preparing the possibility of importing transactions from CSV (trading history can be exported from an exchange or from an Excel spreadsheet).